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The Universal Low-Voltage Switchgear System

GENIMOD is a new GREINER switchgear generation suitable for all areas relating to the generation, distribution and application of electrical energy in a wide variety of industrial and building services management sectors.

The rigorously modular design allows a large number of customised options to be implemented, from fixed-mounted to the convenient withdrawable unit design.

The sophisticated upward compatibility also makes a large numer of requirements economically feasible as regards personal and system safety.

A great deal attention has been given not only to safety, but also to high levels of availability and rapid interchange-ability or conversion facilities while the system is in operation.


Overview of the various design Type Description on page Connections Replacement of function units Conversion in device interior with voltage
Incoming Outgoing Auxiliary current While live While dead
Power distribution, fixed-mounted design GENIMOD P 6/7 F F F no no no
Withdrawable unit design GENIMOD M 6/7 W W W yes yes yes
Removable unit design GENIMOD S 8 W F F/D yes yes no
Fixed unit design GENIMOD E 9 D F F/D no ja no
Fixed-mounted design GENIMOD F 10 F F F no no no


Code letters for connection types:                                                                                                                                   
F (fixed) Can only be made with tools
D (disconnectable) Disconnection can be made without tools
W (withdrawable) Automatic disconnection


GENIMOD – Basic System


Frame System:

All GENIMOD variants are based on a frame system with a modular grid size of R = 25 mm (to DIN 43660), consisting of special sections and modules. The different customer requirements in terms of internal subdivision and degree of protection are implemented with the aid of additional partitions and enclosure components. All doors have a door opening angle of 180°

Busbar System:

There is a basic choice between two busbar systems:
Top-mounted busbars up to 2500 A, Rear-mounted busbars up to 5000 A. In both cases it is perfectly easy to detach the straps on each cubicle from the front and to remove individual cubicles, again at the front. All technologies, except the fixed–mounted design, use distribution bars up to 800 A to distribute the electrical energy in the cubicles. The distribution bars are located at the rear of the cubcile and can be provided as safe from test-finger touch (IP 20 B). The contact holes are located in grid 2R = 50 mm. As an option the busbars and the distribution bars can be insulated to ensure resistance to accidental arcs.

Interior cubicle design:

The interior design of withdrawable units is based on a grid size of
8R = 200 mm. Removable unit design and fixed unit design starts at a grid size of 4R = 100 mm and in each case increase in 2R increments. A sufficiently large cross–wiring compartment is provided for distributing the control voltage and for cross-wiring from one cubicle to another.


GENIMOD P – Power distribution

Fixed and drawout circuit-breakers in open or compact design, as well as load disconnectors and fuse blocks can be used for power distribution by means of main and subsidiary distribution boards. Compensation units (modules or cubicles) and power-management systems round off this range of products.

GENIMOD – Withdrawable Unit Design    

Wherever maximum availability and preventive maintenance are important, and where a rapid response to changing requirements is needed, the GENIMOD withdrawable module design is the right solution. Individual modules can be retrofitted or replaced  rapidly and without any problems. Larger modifications can also be carried out safely within the cubicle while the system is live. The maximum possible component density safeguards a space-saving construction. In the power section all the standard circuits are available both with and without fuses. Either conventional or bustechnology control is used.

  • Rear-mounted busbars can be partitioned to provide protection to accidental arcs
  • Distribution bars embedded to provide protection to accidental arcs and covered that they are safe from test-finger touch.
  • The modular design of the through for the distribution bar also caters for other cubicle heights with a grid size of 200 mm, e.g. for decentralised power installations on site.
  • Maximum component space for 32 withdrawable units per cubicle (height 2200 mm)
  • Testposition and isolates position when inserted
  • Cable terminal compartment 400 mm for optimal cable connection
  • Design 4b in accordance with VDE 0660 available
  • Integrated bus distribution
  • Profibus-DP interface for any product type or make

Full-size withdrawable unit

  • Size 8R, 16R, 24R
  • The test, isolated and operating position and the contacts for the incoming and outgoing circuits in the power section are realised via a movable contact system.

Miniature withdrawable units (up to 11 kW)

  • 8R/2 (1/2 width) and 8R/4 (1/4 width) miniature withdrawable units can be individually slotted into the 8R miniature subsection.
  • The miniature subsection can be modified from accommodating miniature withdrawable units to full-size units or vice versa at any time while the system is live.
  • Contacts for the miniature withdrawable units are made by slotting in the modules.
  • A combination switch according to ICE 947-3 and VDE 0660 T106 is used to provide a test, isolated and operating position.

GENIMOD – Removable Unit Design

The facility to rectify a malfunction immediately and without interrupting the operation of the plant is vital in the chemical industry and similar areas of application. The GENIMOD removable unit design allows qualified personnel to replace modules rapidly while the assembly is live. In the power range up to 11 kW the assembly achieves the same component density as the withdrawable unit design. This provides the most economical solution for many applications.

  • Rear-mounted busbars can be partitioned to provide the protection to accidental arcs.
  • Distribution bars embedded to provide protection to accidental arcs and covered that they are safe from test-finger touch.
  • Maximum component space for 32 removable units per cubicle (height 2200 mm).
  • Cable terminal compartment 400 mm for optimal cable connection.
  • Miniature removable units 8R/2 and 8R/4 with master switch and interlock to prevent removing under load.
  • Full-size removable units start at a grid size of 6R (150 mm) and increase in 2R increments up to a maximum 24R

GENIMOD – Fixed Unit Design

The GENIMOD fixed unit design is the most cost-efficient plug-in design solution. Its destinguishing features are clear configuration combined with a high level of flexibility in terms of modfication and maintenance work. All function units are designed as pluggable units on the feeder side. Apart from the basic system and the various busbar systems, there is also a range of type-tested funcitons available for power distribution and motor feeders. The module sizes start at a grid size of 4R and increase in 2R increments up to 24R.

GENIMOD – Fixed – mounted Design

In many applications the facility to replace or convert function units is of minor importance. In the case the fixed mount design offers the most cost-effective solution. This design can meet most customer requirements, while still taking advantage of standard, type-tested components, subassemblies and systems (e.g. busbars).

GENIMOD – Communication with Control System

Depending on the control system design, there are various options for exchanging data between the control system and the motor control centre.

In the simplest case the signals are exchanged between the motor control center and the control system in the conventional way using coupling relays and standard wiring.

In the case of busable distribution boards, all signals from the motor control center are connected to a decentralised peripheral within the distribution board.

A bus connection links this peripheral to the control system.

The MCC with busable function units (modules) offers the simplest wiring option, coupled with maximum signal exchange and convenience. All modules can be equipped with communication-capable motorprotection and control devices, and are connected directly to the Profibus. All that remains is a bus connection to be installed for the control system.

The relevant addresses and parameters are assigned to the motor-protection and control devices when the switchgear is commissioned and adapted in line with the particular application.