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Current information

GENIMOD® withdrawabel unit 8R/2




1954 Founding of the Greiner electrical installation company

1961 Start of switchgear manufacturing

1965 Moving into the first production facilities at the present site

1970 Low-voltage switchgear supplied to industry

1975 Delivery of the first medium-voltage switchgear 20 kV

1986 Founding of the engineering company SKE

1991 Founding of a subsidiary in Schwarzheide

1992 Start of false floor systems manufacturing

1993 Start of mechanical components manufacturing

1997 Production area in Schwarzheide extended by 2200 m2

1998 Production area in Kerzenheim extended by 3700 m2

2000 Market launch of the GENIMOD®  l.v. switchgear system with withdrawable units

2005 Conclusion of worldwide framework contracts with major customers operating in the chemical industry

2006 Market launch of GENIMOD® new generation

2009 Development and market launch of GEMIS® …air-insulated m.v. switchgear

2010 Development and market launch of GENIFLEX® … variable, flexible cabinet system
         fielddistributor, network racks, innovative racks for network applications

2013 Founding of the affilate COMEXIO... access to building automation 
         development, manufacture and marketing of innovative products related to smart homes and smart metering

2014 Development and market launch of GEMIS® 24/20
         air -insulated m.v. switchgear for energy supplier